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Why Choose KSA?

I. Risk-Free

Let's be honest, you need help recovering your unpaid freight invoices, not an additional bill for services that didn't help. If we aren't successful in securing your unpaid freight charges, you owe us nothing. 100% Risk-Free! You literally have nothing to lose!

II. Lowest Collection Fee Rates

If it's not bad enough you are suffering from unpaid freight invoices, most collection agencies will charge you 50% for Collection Fees. They want half of your paycheck! We believe you deserve to keep the money you earned so we ensure our Collection Fees are 20% less than the industry average. 

III. Free Consultations

At any given moment, things can turn upside down in the freight transportation industry. Our free consultations will allow you to make informed decisions, placing yourself in the best possible position to stay in control of any given situation you feel that may be putting your freight payment in jeopardy.

IV. Free Investigations

Thinking about doing business with an unknown broker or carrier but need an additional layer of due diligence prior to "sealing the deal"? Give us a call and we can perform a free investigation of the unknown company and if any of our databases uncover any signs or "red flags" that would suggest not doing business with said broker or carrier, you can make an informed decision on how to proceed with said company. Within minutes you will receive a comprehensive report on any information we find. Foresight, not hindsight, is the key to successful businesses.

V. Free Freight Broker A.L.A.R.M.s

With access to our Automatic Logistics Awareness Reports for Motor-Carriers, (or "A.L.A.R.M."s for short), you will have access to informative reports regarding freight brokers who have a history of not paying, including Double Brokering Scams we uncover on a daily basis, thus allowing you to reduce the risk of doing business with these individuals.


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