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Double Brokering Scam

The freight transportation industry is plagued by scam artists who prey upon unsuspecting shippers and consignees in an effort to steal freight payments. We can help protect your company from these scam artists who steal freight payments.

Double Brokering scams are the transportation industry's leading problem related to unpaid freight payments. The scam artists pose as carriers, who obtain loads under the guise they will be delivering the freight, then unbeknownst to the parties shipping the freight, the scam artists re-broker the load to the actual delivering carrier who makes delivery of the freight.

Once the shipment has been delivered, the scam artists steal the freight payment that the shippers and/or consignees intended to pay the delivering carrier with, thus exposing the shippers and/or consignees to the possibility of having to pay the same freight invoice twice.

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We specialize in Double Brokering claims and recovering freight payments that were stolen by the scam artists. If you've been deceived by a double brokering scam operation, contact KSA today and we will recover the money your company is legally entitled to.


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