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Motor Carriers

Whether your a Fortune 500 motor carrier, or a local Owner/Operator motor carrier, our dedicated team of professional transportation investigators are here to successfully recover any unpaid freight invoices you are currently holding. Don't be bullied by the big corporations. It's your money, you earned it, and you deserve it, and we will help recover it for you!

Factor Companies

Our dedicated team of transportation professionals has successfully recovered unpaid invoices for some of the largest Factor Companies in our country, allowing them to keep more money in-house rather than charging off the accounts to the carriers. Stop throwing your money away and call KSA today!

Freight Brokers

Freight Brokers make a small percentage in commissions per load they broker, therefore if a Freight Broker has to pay a motor carrier out-of-pocket, this could cause a significant financial strain on the Freight Broker. We pursue the shipper and consignee of the shipment to recover any unpaid amounts that may be owed to the broker, allowing the broker to pay the carrier and maintain their relationship and credibility in the industry. Don't let a shipper tarnish your reputation by not paying your freight invoices. Call KSA today!



As mentioned above, we represent small Owner/Operator motor carriers. In representing the smaller carrier operations, we sometimes find ourselves up against the motor carrier whom the Owner/Operator was working for. This significantly changes our position as the shipper and consignee are no longer liable if they paid the original motor carrier. Rest assured we have experience dealing with situations like this and we can still recover any amounts you are owed, regardless of the relationship between the motor carrier and Owner/Operator.


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