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Commercial Debt Collection

Is your company suffering from unpaid freight invoices?

We can recover the amounts your company is legally entitled to, even if the broker who hired you goes out of business!

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Our team of experienced investigators will assess your freight claim of non-payment and pursue the liable parties to recover the amounts your company is legally entitled to.

Per the U.S. Supreme Court, the Bill of Lading is a contract between the shipper, consignee, and carrier, and the Terms & Conditions of the Bill of Lading bind the shipper, consignee, and carrier, including the Terms for payment of freight charges.

Double Payment Liability

More times than not, the shipper and/or consignee will argue that they paid their freight agent (i.e. the broker), who absconded with the freight charges, leaving the delivering carrier unpaid. The shipper and/or consignee may believe that their payment to their freight agent relieves their liability and obligation to ensure the delivery carrier is paid, but it doesn't.

Our team of transportation experts specializes in educating shippers and consignees of their liability, by using Case Laws and Federal Statutes to support our position, thus allowing us to successfully negotiate amicable resolutions of your unpaid freight invoices, regardless of the shipper and/or consignee previously paid their freight broker or not. 74% of the time we are able to reach an amicable resolution without the involvement of our attorneys.


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