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Legal Forwarding Service

In the event we are unable to amicably recover the unpaid amounts you are entitled to, our network of professional transportation attorneys are here to file suit on your behalf against the liable parties involved to recover your freight charges, allowing you to focus on other matters.

Please Be Advised: Kizer, Schwartz & Assoc. reserves the right to decline legal forwarding services based on each claim independently. All claims of non-payment are subject to Kizer, Schwartz & Assoc. criteria for lawsuit filing and must meet such criteria for litigation consideration.

We are not attorneys and we do not offer legal advice. All lawsuits are handled by our network of transportation attorneys at their discretion in their respective districts or jurisdiction.

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In most cases, Kizer, Schwartz & Assoc. will prepay the legal filing fees contingent upon reimbursement of the filing fees from the amount awarded in the judgment if the lawsuit is successful. Kizer, Schwartz & Assoc. will forgo any filing fee amount lost in cases we are unsuccessful in. Kizer, Schwartz & Assoc. reserves the right to decline to pay filing fees based on each lawsuit independently.


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